What is mean by cancer or diseases?


rI may get cancer or any other diseases by replacing cancerous tobacco or alcohol which I take. Intelligence agencies and religious leaders may even do that. But I lived 52 years with perfect health other than replaced tobacco or alcohol which caused anger.

Just rupees 500 is enough to change alcohol bottle or English medicine in Beverages shop or medical shop.

but my prediction is that India will never survive.

so take care, even packet milk is adulterated by Intelligence agencies for government planning.

Best of luck


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Why back story?

Media need back story for advertisement and selling brands.

For America , Europe or NATO need back story for globalization and selling their products. They are now penetrating other countries like Russia, china, and Iran by creating turbulence and to spread their religion and sell their products.

Indian politicians and media get the money from them for not revealing the truth.


My prediction of India is that it never become a superpower.

So try to make money and look after your family.

I lost my career and life by sharing my knowledge.

Best of luck

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What are lessons you must learn from this issue?

Never help others without any benefits.

If you don’t do anything there is nothing in this world.

Even if the all system around you is fake you can live if you have money.

Express yourselves in the internet or Whatsapp or social media for your survival.

Media is hiding soman things about the government and religious leaders. They are in same platform.

That was my experience.

Best of luck

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What is mean by research?

One village was taken by the media, government and religious leaders for research. I was a research specimen or monkey for them without paying. Hope you understood guardians of democracy

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What is meant by story?

Better the story better brands are developed. I mean many mohanlal, mammootty or James bonds are developed. So create better story for next star.

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What is meant by silver light?

patent light, ideas light, investors money light, inventions light and 25 years of torturing me without paying.


what would you do?

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What is the truth?

Government planning with back story or so called Tax intelligence. They were torturing me for last 25 years for ideas. All the movies of mohanlal and mamootty was based on these ideas.

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What is mean by salary?

They should have paid him salesman salary for him. Then everything should have gone well. No curse, No anger, No schizophrenia etc. So next time never run a person without salary.

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What is mean by ageing?

If anyone is reading this blogs, tell media to atleast understand the process of ageing.They dont have even humanity for me when they are torturing for ideas and money.Tell them to search for youngsters. Regarding me I confessed in technology as it is better than going to Jewish priest

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what is the scope or future?

The future or scope is editing the already developed ideas for back story. Almost all ideas had been developed or executed or accomplished by TV and movie industry.

Ultimately it’s there survival and not mine.

Because of farmers day I am writing this suggestions.

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